roof components




The second most important feature of a roof is the insulation. Many cities and communities have legal requirements for insulation on buildings, frequently stated as R-values. We bring the expertise to ensure the roof is up to code and saves you heating and cooling expenses, without compromising the wind or water resistance of the roof.


Metal Details

We fabricate our own metal details in-shop to give you the best price and quality control. Our commercial and residential gutters, coping caps, cleats, drip edge, and gravel stops are all made by our trained staff. We have ongoing relationships with all the major metal suppliers to match any color or specifications you need.

Taper Systems

Care must be taken on flat or low-slope roofs to prevent ponding. Water standing on a roof will destroy any system on the market. We can design and build a taper system to ensure positive drainage and prolong the life of your roof. 

LEED Certification

We can work with you to develop a roof that maximizes the LEED points for your building. We are experts at designing and building roofs that are not only environmentally friendly, but also save energy costs.